Packaging Full Service, Smart Logistics, US Based Smart Warehouse

Packaging Full Service, Smart Logistics, US-Based Smart Warehouse


Every action we take has an environmental impact. Nowadays, every business should strive to preserve or even improve the natural world when creating a "better" product. The main area of sustainability attention in recent years has been packaging, which has a clear potential to advance environmental sustainability. Companies must step up and offer people better products that make it simpler to match beliefs with actions as they become more dependent on businesses to supply products that represent better choices.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) saw a 50% increase between 2013 and 2018 from items with the "sustainable" label.

But what about the impact of your product and its ingredients themselves?

  • Footprint of your ingredients –The resource intensity of various cuisines varies significantly. Have you given any thought to creating a product expressly to be an alternative to a well-known product with a smaller environmental impact?
  • Packaging –This is a significant issue because the packaging will remain in the environment after your product is consumed and could have an adverse effect for many years. There are more and more options for packaging that is more environmentally friendly to consider, and it might be possible for your product to have packaging that can be reused.
  • Waste –The things that utilize the most resources to manufacture but are never used and are fully squandered, most frequently food that is thrown out because it has gone bad, have the most negative environmental effects. Can you come up with any ideas to lessen waste, both in your own supply chain and in final consumption?
With this recycled packaging service, Summit InvestCO can deliver your products to your customers in packages that love nature and contribute to it.


Smart Logistics, US Based Smart Warehouse

Utilize our knowledgeable team to manage your e-Export procedures and save time and money!
Since 2019, we have provided technology-driven, industry-recognized global logistics, fulfillment, and warehousing services.
Making shipping as simple as possible is our goal.

Through our user-friendly platform and fulfillment service, we give Amazon sellers access to affordable shipping options across all Amazon marketplaces. Our seamless integration links your marketplace with carriers to obtain the cheapest prices, make label creation simpler, and produce customs documentation, tracking information, and returns. We have supplied and continue to provide exceptional service with more than 2 million product deliveries to more than 220 countries, more than 20,000 delighted customers, more than 10 logistics partners, and more than 6 locations.

Specialities: Integration of the marketplace, express delivery to more than 200 countries, door-to-door delivery service, air freight, fulfillment, warehousing, customs clearance, and FBA preparation.