Amazon Sustainability Certification


With the goal of achieving net carbon zero by 2040, Amazon made a significant commitment to their sustainability efforts in 2019 by co-creating the Climate Pledge.

A number of initiatives have been launched by Amazon in conjunction with this commitment, including the establishment of a sustainability logo called the Climate Pledge Friendly Badge. Amazon has developed their own certification, termed Compact By Design, in addition to the 19 external certification partners (and counting), such as Rainforest Alliance or Carbon Trust.


Why would a E-commerce company come up with a sustainability certification and is this badge something you should strive to obtain?

This kind of green marketing is designed with the customer as a secondary advantage in mind. The environment is important to this business. This is particularly better for clients that are already environmentally sensitive.

It's difficult to make green commitments like enhancing transparency, producing sustainable, ethical products, and lowering your carbon footprint. You must adhere to strict procedures, conditions, and regulations.
And if your company has committed to doing this, congrats!

What are the advantages for my business when creating sustainable products?

First and foremost, you get to stay true to your principles and produce something that uses the environment less than other items.
You might be able to reach a different target market that is really interested in sustainability.
Using sustainability techniques as a competitive advantage will help you stand out from the crowd.
Platforms that support sustainability may be more likely to support your items than platforms that don't.

Maintaining the mindset of striving for a "better" product is crucial. Design your product to be only slightly more sustainable than the alternatives as a first start. As your business and the product develop, continue to strive for improvement.