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Airbnb & SUMMITUPAirbnb, Workplace & Home Concept with Technology

NFT & MOSAIQQArt & Technology, Metaverse, B2B&B2C

Medical & BEST E-CARE Smart Hospital, Tourisim, Marketplace

VC & START-UPPreperring to Vc's, BD&RD Strategy


Summit InvestCO presents SUMMITUP, a revolutionary concept that combines smart technology, design, and functionality to create the ultimate live and work space. Our team of experts will design and build a space that is tailored to your needs and preferences, using the latest smart home appliances and cutting-edge design techniques.

With SummitUp, you can enjoy an amazing live space and an incredible workspace that supports individual productivity and team collaboration. Let us help you create a global and innovative space that exceeds your expectations.

Smart innovation for the future, tell your kids that you SUMMITED! 



Summit InvestCO is proud to present Mosaiqq, a cutting-edge project that leverages blockchain technology to create innovative solutions, investments, and experiences. At Mosaiqq, we are dedicated to exploring the potential of the metaverse and NFTs, and we work with global partners to develop and implement cutting-edge solutions.

Our team of experts is passionate about design, learning, and creation, and we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with blockchain technology. With Mosaiqq, you can learn about the latest trends and developments in the metaverse and NFTs, and explore new ways to create and invest in these exciting technologies.

EARN, LEARN, CREATE We believe that by combining these three elements, we can unlock the full potential of the metaverse and NFTs, and create value for businesses and individuals alike.

Let us be your partner in exploring the exciting world of blockchain and the metaverse. Join us at Mosaiqq and let's create the future together.



Summit InvestCO is proud to present Best E-Care, a revolutionary global e-healthcare platform that focuses on person-centered care and community-centric support. At Best E-Care, we are dedicated to helping individuals and communities succeed in their health and wellness journeys. We offer a full global health and wellness care programs, driven by technology based excellence and VIP elite services.

Our team of experts is committed to providing person-centered care that is tailored to each individual's unique needs and preferences. We also offer a community-centric E-care marketplace that connects individuals with the best health and wellness providers and services. With Best E-Care, you can access the support and resources you need to achieve your health and wellness goals.

Join us at Best E-Care and let's create a healthier, happier future together.



At Summit InvestCO, we are committed to helping businesses and entrepreneurs change the world for the better. Our venture capital and start-up services are designed to support businesses that are focused on sustainability and technology, and we provide the resources and support you need to launch and grow your business.

Our team of experts has extensive experience in the sustainability and technology industries, and we are passionate about supporting businesses that are making a positive impact on the world. With our support, you can launch a sustainability start-up or a software start-up that is focused on solving real-world problems and creating value for individuals and communities.

At Summit InvestCO, our motto is "INVEST IN MIND!." We believe that by supporting sustainable and technology-focused businesses, we can help create a better future for everyone. Let us be your partner in launching and growing your business. Join us at Summit InvestCO and let's make a difference together.


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